You’re welcome to call or email us with any questions, but some of the most commonly asked questions are below:


  1. Can I freeze the goat’s milk?

    Yes you can. Goat’s milk freezes really well! We recommend freezing it immediately after purchase, and using within three months. Ensure it is fully defrosted and give it a quick shake before using.

  2. Is Douet Farm organic?

    We are currently in the two year conversion process to organic with the Soil Association. We’re all about natural and sustainable farming and always have been, so since 2012, when we bought the land, not a drop of chemical pesticide, fungicide or artificial fertiliser has been applied. We have farmed organically, even though we haven’t been certified organic, so making it official is the next natural step for us! We can’t label our produce as ‘organic’ until we are officially certified.

  3. Do you sell raw goat’s milk?

    We currently sell milk that is gently pasteurised and then bottled. Goat’s milk is naturally homogenised, so we do not mechanically homogenise the milk any further. If you are interested in buying raw goat’s milk (unpasteurised), please get in touch.

  4. Can I visit the farm?

    We will hold Open Days where you can come and visit the farm and meet the animals. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for more info. Unfortunately, we aren’t able to accommodate visitors outside of these times because it is a working farm. Tour providers can bring groups to the farm on arranged visits, please get in touch to discuss details.


  1. Is there a minimum order for delivery?

    Free delivery is offered for orders over £15, orders below this amount will be charged a £3 delivery fee.

  2. When and what time do you deliver?

    In order to reduce road miles and our carbon footprint, delivery takes place on set days of the week depending on where you live. You’ll be informed which day of the week your delivery is, when you place your order. We deliver in the evening between 5pm – 9pm but unfortunately we cannot be more specific than that.

  3. What happens if I’m out when you deliver?

    No problem – lots of people are out when we deliver. When you place your order, just tell us where to leave it if you’re out. It needs to be kept cool until your return, so either a fridge in a garage or a coolbox in a shady place will be fine. We text you to confirm that your produce has been delivered, and to remind you to bring it in!

  4. Why don’t you deliver in St Helier?

    Unfortunately, at the moment, we aren’t able to deliver to St Helier. A lot of St Helier properties aren’t suitable for leaving produce on the doorstep and this is the best way for us to manage it at the moment. However, we do have a number of stockists in town where you can find our goaty goodness! Please get in touch if you’d like a regular home delivery and you live in St Helier, and if lots of people are interested then we’ll try and find a way to make it happen.

  5. What should I do if my order hasn’t been delivered or there’s a problem with it?

    Please give us a call on 856200 or email hello@douetfarm.com and we’ll sort it out ASAP.

Regular Orders

  1. What is the latest time I can place an order?

    Orders can be placed up until 8am on the day of delivery. However, please remember we only deliver to certain parishes on certain days.

  2. Do I have to order every week?

    No. You can place a one-off order if you prefer. Or regular orders can take place once a week, once a fortnight or once a month. Just let us know what you’d like to do when you place your order.

  3. When do you take payment for my regular orders?

    The first payment is taken when you place the order, and payment for orders after that are taken one day before the subsequent order is due to be delivered.

  4. How do I amend an order that I’ve already placed?

    You can either:

    1.  Pause your current repeat delivery and then create a new order. Or,

    2. Call or email us to let us know what your new repeating order is and we can update this ourselves.  

  5. Can I pause my delivery if I’m going on holiday?

    Yes. This quick video shows you how you can log into our website and pause your repeat orders.