Meet the Farmers

We are a young Jersey couple who have always had our hearts in the countryside.

Although we have farming in our blood, no family have farmed since the 80’s and so we never had the opportunity to take on a family farm. So, to achieve our life-long dream, we’ve had to start from scratch. After many years of hard work, determination and penny saving, we bought our fields in Trinity in 2012 and Douet Farm was born!

The first livestock arrived on the farm a year later. We spent five happy years farming on a small scale alongside our day jobs, producing 100% grass fed beef and lamb and delivering it to customers through a box scheme. We loved it so much; we knew we wanted to farm full time.

In this time, we also had two of our own children. They enjoyed drinking goat’s milk and found it much easier to digest than cow’s milk. However, we always struggled finding a regular supply of goat’s milk as it all came from the UK and the shelves were often empty. So..…. (can you see where this is going?!)…..

We decided to go for it – set up a goat dairy and farm full time!

We spent a year planning our new goat venture, and after obtaining planning permission for the milking parlour and dairy in January 2018, and importing goats from Yorkshire in August 2018, our goat plan was underway!

It makes us so happy that the Farm is now a thriving, organic, agricultural business, producing goat’s milk produce and meat for Jersey people.


Laurence and Louise Agnès – Douet Farm Founders